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Phoenix The Rising, Introduction.

My name is Angie, I’m 39 years old. I have been through Hell and back and like a Phoenix have rose from my Ashes as a strong, independent, loving, Spirit. I am starting this blog and a podcast to reach out to those who need guidance, reassurance, and light. I am a Domestic Violence Survivor, and have been an Advocate for 8 years for people who are or have been through, addiction, violence, trauma, and anyone that feels lost or like their souls aren’t shining as bright as they should.

I am involved in actively pursuing this type of work in my community, but wanted to make a bigger impact. I want to discuss real issues, spiritual problems, soul crippling chaos. I have answers and want to help anyone and everyone. It’s a passion of mine to take what I have been through and pay it forward with honor. I know the way out of the darkness, only one who has been there can provide a light to others to help them out. So please reach out, share, ask questions.

I am a spiritual life coach. I am here to advise, assist and guide anyone to a better place within themselves.

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